Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Hawk, the Fools & the Empty Tomb

Easter Sermon - March 31, 2013 - On the visiting hawk. The Jehovah's Witness and the Glendale elections, a real April Fools joke. Sermon - on the trappings that keep us away from the message of Easter. Recorded LIVE at the St. Peter Armenian Church & Youth Ministries Center, Glendale, CA by Fr. Vazken Movsesian. Language: Armenian & English
Beginning: the hawk in the church
2:30 - Shant Nazarian reads Luke 24
5:00 - April Fools Joke in Glendale
10:00 - Armenian Sermon "I don't want you to be ignorant..."
21:05 - English Sermon on the Empty Tomb
Cross Referenced: http://armenianchurchyouthministries.org/newsletter/The%20Key%20-%20033113c.pdf
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